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DLSU Freshman Physical Examination

Today is 3/20/2018  

Please supply your I.D. Number and BOTH your First and Last names to log in.
NOTE: Only NEWLY CONFIRMED students for the upcoming term are allowed to access this facility.
Your log-in access will be activated 2 working days after your confirmation at the Office of Admissions and Scholarships.
This is to give ample time for the system to verify and update.
Submit MDE form and the physical examination results to the Health Services Office (Room 103, ground floor, Br. Connon Hall-SPS Building)

I.D. No.:

Examples: Johnny, johnny, john, Francis Mark, John Jr. (should be your complete first name)

First name:

Examples: Santos, De La Cruz, de la cruz, (should be your complete last name)

Last name: