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Account Activation

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Instructions (Please read the entire page)

To use DLSU's My.LaSalle services, you must have a DLSU Internet account. You may activate your account on-line at my.dlsu.edu.ph, or from your own mobile phone via Short Messaging System (or text messaging) using DLSU WISe (Wireless Information Services). Before you begin activating your account, you must know your Student Identification Number, Birthday, and Official Receipt or Credit Memo and Date; also, you should already have decided on a Password.

Entering your Student ID Number

The Student ID number found in your ID Card or Official Receipt (OR) or Credit Memo (CM) should be your User ID. Your User ID will be the username under which you log in to the My.LaSalle system, which forms the first part of your e-mail address (e.g. 09500001@dlsu.edu.ph). Once available, your 8-digit Student ID number is permanently assigned to you as your User ID and will remain valid as long as you are a student of DLSU-Manila. If your ID number starts with 99 and below, add a "0" before your ID number (Example: 09500001); this will serve as your User ID. Selecting a different or customized User ID is not yet supported by the system.

Entering your Birthday

The date of birth you supply to My.LaSalle is also needed to personalize and authenticate your account information. The date of birth to be used on the form above will be matched with your personal "Application" information recorded in our database. You may use the popup calendar to supply your birthday by clicking on the icon.


In order to access your My.LaSalle portal, please enter your valid User ID and your Password. Login here.

Important: To prevent unauthorized use of your My.LaSalle information and protect your privacy, please EXIT or QUIT ALL of your Web browser sessions and windows when you're finished.

A friendly reminder: After your My.LaSalle account activation, please login within 14 days to avoid expiration of your account. Effective 04 January 2006, My.LaSalle accounts that are not used for 90 consecutive days will automatically expire. This policy is being implemented for security reasons.

Revised Policy in Securing Official Receipt/Credit Memo Number for On-line Activation

Effective 2nd Trimester SY 2002-2003, ITC HelpDesk and the Office of the Student Accounts of the Accounting Office will no longer give out Official Receipt or Credit Memo Numbers to students inquiring through phone or in person.

Students who availed of the Over-the-Counter Facility in paying their tuition and fees can claim their official receipts on the next banking day at the Accounting Office and are encouraged to keep it.

There is a charge for the re-printing of official receipts.

Entering your Official Receipt or Credit Memo Number and Date

This facility requires you to supply information in the validated Official Receipt/Credit Memo you received from the DLSU Accounting Office. The Official Receipt (OR No.) or Credit Memo Number (CM No.) is found on the upper right hand area of your receipt, above the date. It is the computer-printed number that begins with OR- or CM- (e.g. OR-A999999, CM-C999999).

You can click on the icon beside the text field to see the guide on how to enter your Official Receipt or Credit Memo Number. You may use the popup calendar to supply the Official Receipt/Credit Memo Date by clicking on the icon.

Entering and Verifying your New Password

Your password protects your account from unauthorized access, maintains the privacy of your e-mail messages, and prevents other users from accessing your personal information while using the My.LaSalle portal. Upon account activation, answer all the required fields (*) Student ID Number, Official Receipt or Credit Memo Number and Date, and your most memorable date. You may change your password as often as you wish by logging in with your username and password.

In cases where you forgot your password, enter your student number and click the "Forgot your password?" link. Supply the information in the required field. Your My.LaSalle password MUST have AT LEAST EIGHT (8) characters. It should NOT contain at least three characters of your user name and/or full name. In addition, it should satisfy the following conditions:

  • contains a capital letter,
  • contains lowercase & uppercase letters, and
  • contains a numeric character or a special character

Examples of VALID passwords: cHarm3d!, charm3D#

Know more about the DLSU Password Policy

A friendly reminder: Select a password which will be easy for you to remember but difficult for other people to guess. A good password consists of a combination of letters and other characters, often with unusual spelling and/or capitalization. To keep other people from guessing your password, do not use words such as your favorite color, the names of friends, aliases or pseudonyms, family members, or pets; or numbers such as your birth date or phone numbers. My.LaSalle portal supports CASE SENSITIVITY for password(s), so please make sure that you have typed your password accurately.

Problems In Activating your My.LaSalle Account

Here are the solutions to the most common problems you may encounter while attempting to activate your My.LaSalle account.


Only students who are enrolled and have paid their tuition fees can activate their accounts. You need to have your Official Receipt or Credit Memo in order to be eligible for My.LaSalle account activation.

Incorrect Date of Birth

If you are an eligible student but are unable to activate an account, your date of birth may be listed incorrectly in the database. For new graduate students, please coordinate with Mr. Raymond A. Gonzales at (632) 524-4611, Ext. 468. For old students (undergraduate and graduate), please coordinate with Ms. Grace Panaglima at (632) 524-4611, Ext. 115.

If you call before 12:00 nn, you can try activating your account in the afternoon. If you call before 5:00 pm, you can try activating after 5:00 pm, and if you call after 5:00 pm, try activating your account the following day.

Note: Faculty and Staff version of on-line account activation is not available. To activate your account, please call the ITC Help Desk at local 316 or 466.

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