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Privacy Policy

Today is Thursday, February 22, 2018  

The people who bring you My.LaSalle University Portal (MLS) are committed to respecting your privacy and to protecting it within the constraints imposed by Philippine law.

In this document, DLSU pertains to De La Salle University.

Information you supply to My.LaSalle is used only to personalize your web page. We do not share nor sell your personal information. Your personal information is not disclosed unless such action is necessary to comply with the Philippine law, to protect DLSU property, to enforce DLSU policy or when you authorized it being the owner of the information.

Commitment to Privacy

My.LaSalle is your personal portal to De La Salle University resources on the World Wide Web (WWW). Whether you use the web in your daily work and educational activities, or are just an occasional visitor, we hope that My.LaSalle helps you build a personalized set of pages that makes each trip to the web a powerful, safe, and enjoyable experience.

We are committed to respecting your privacy. We make every effort to protect your personal information and not to intrude on your email and Web space without your continued permission.

In addition, you need to know that protecting your privacy is also your responsibility. The My.LaSalle log-in opens a world of personal information that you must close when you are finished. When you log in to My.LaSalle using your My.LaSalle User ID, you automatically have access to other My.LaSalle User-ID protected resources, outside of My.LaSalle. This convenience comes with a warning. Because these resources may contain personal information, it is imperative that you completely close all web browser windows when you leave your computer. Also, you should not share your User ID, password and other types of authorization to anyone.

Key Privacy Points

In summary, the following three points may answer your basic questions about your privacy on My.LaSalle. For more detailed information, please refer to the "Caveats and Limitations" section that follows.

  1. Information you supply to My.LaSalle is used only to personalize your My.LaSalle web page. We do not share nor sell your personal information.
  2. Your personal information is not disclosed unless such action is necessary. See the "Caveats and Limitations" section for details.
  3. To protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized use of your My.LaSalle User ID, you must completely close all web browser windows when you finish using My.LaSalle.

Caveats and Limitations

The limits to which we can accomplish our goal of honoring your privacy are spelled out in the sections below.

Information Collected

Whenever you browse the web, all sorts of information are gathered about where you have been and what you have looked at. These information can be found on:

  1. The computers you use (in browser history, cache, cookies, and other files).
    It is a good habit to develop to purge the cache (right before you exit from your web browser program) and the Recycle Bin (of the Windows desktop). These ensure that all information gathered during your session are deleted. This is strongly recommended when you use publicly accessible computers.
  2. The servers you visit (in log files that collect IP addresses, time information, and names of pages visited).
  3. Other servers that take part in the Internet infrastructure and services (e.g., cache servers, firewall server, and anti-virus server)

Use of System Log Information

The DLSU computers that serve My.LaSalle keep a minimum set of system logs that allow us to tune and protect the service and to determine general usage patterns. We do not keep the information any longer than necessary to meet these objectives. The information we collect consist of:

  1. The name of the Internet domain from which you access the Internet
  2. The date and time a DLSU web site is visited
  3. The Internet address (IP number) of the web site from which you linked
  4. Selected information (like My.LaSalle User ID, browser type, and affiliation) in My.LaSalle logs that can help when there are problems to be resolved

Use of IP Address

The IP (Internet Protocol) address information does not identify you personally, but rather identifies the computer you are using and may even identify your general location .

We use IP Addresses to:

  1. Help diagnose problems with our servers
  2. Administer the My.LaSalle University portal
  3. Gather demographic information about our users in general

Use of My.LaSalle Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a web site transfers to the computer you use and may be placed on its hard disk for record-keeping purposes. Cookies are used by My.LaSalle to make use of the DLSU log-in procedure.

They are not currently used to track your usage, nor are they used in any other way at this time.

Information My.LaSalle Keeps

The only information that My.LaSalle keeps are those required to personalize your pages. We do not keep track of what pages you visit except to deliver a customized service or to provide a personalized service you have requested (for example, to display new announcements).

Personal Information You Choose to Share Via E-mail and Web Forms

When you send us information that identify you in an e-mail message or when filling out a web form, we use the information to respond to your requests. We may forward your e-mail or form to other DLSU employees who are better able to respond to your questions or comments.

Personal Information You Choose to Share Via other Internet Exchanges

Information you share with others through chat sessions, e-mail exchanges, or bulletin board discussions can be collected and used by others. You are responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your passwords and personalization information. Please be very careful and responsible whenever you are on-line. The general recommendation is not to disclose your personal information as much as possible. Personal information are used to verify one's identity (e.g., for credit cards, bank accounts, and so on). You may not have a credit card now but you might have one in the future.

Exceptions for Disclosing Personalized Information

DLSU does not disclose your personalized information unless, acting under a good faith, believe that such action is:

  1. Required by the Philippine law
  2. For protecting DLSU property
  3. For enforcing DLSU policy
  4. Authorized by you as the owner of the information

Individual use of information, therefore, may be kept in the case where there is legitimate cause to suspect that illegal behavior is taking place.

Monitoring Network Traffic

We also monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information or otherwise cause damage to the My.LaSalle University portal.

Privacy/security Policies Outside our Domain

Once you leave the My.LaSalle University portal, we have no control over the privacy and security of information you provide to others.

My.LaSalle Security Measures

We focus on web site security so that the My.LaSalle services remain available to you and other visitors. For your information, the following measures are in place:

  1. Your My.LaSalle account and password are used only to verify your identity as a member of the DLSU community. This verification takes place through a secured system managed by the DLSU Information Technology Center (ITC).
  2. You have access to your personal information and My.LaSalle profile for some time after your last access to the My.LaSalle server, or until you exit your browser.
  3. Your personal information is kept in secured servers that are not available to the public.

Contact Information

If you have questions about our privacy policy, please email the DLSU IT HelpDesk.



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