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Frequently Asked Questions

Today is Thursday, February 22, 2018  

These are answers to the most common and current questions regarding concerns on clearance. Should your queries be left unanswered after reading the answers herein, please contact the Help Desk support team at helpdesk@dlsu.edu.ph.

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  1. Can I settle my clearance via e-mail with the office indicated in my hold record?
    No, you cannot. You have to personally go to the office concerned.
  2. Can I enroll even if I need clearance? If this is not possible, can I have a temporary clearance?
    No, you cannot enroll if you need clearance and you cannot have a temporary clearance. You need to go to office concerned, and settle your hold concerns.
  3. What are the reasons for having your EAF temporarily withheld by the Vice-Dean?
    An EAF is withheld if a student has already accumulated a number of failures.
  4. How do I have my MLS account deactivated?
    For students applying for LOA or transferring to another school, you are required by the Office of the University Registrar to fill out the clearance form. Before ITC grants clearance, the Help Desk will deactivate your MLS account efffective immediately.
    For faculty, the Help Desk will ask for a forwarding e-mail address. The e-mail forwarding service will be effective for only one month. The faculty is expected to transfer existing mail within this period.

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