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Frequently Asked Questions

Today is Thursday, February 22, 2018  

These are answers to the most common and current questions regarding on-line enrollment. Should your queries be left unanswered after reading the answers herein, please contact the Help Desk support team at helpdesk@dlsu.edu.ph.

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Getting Started

  1. Which website do I start with? Is there a site known as "my.lasalle"?
    To enroll on-line, you have to access the MyLasalle website at by typing only my.dlsu.edu.ph or an indicated link on the main page of the DLSU-Manila.
  2. Do all students have to enroll on-line?
    For 2 nd term, all students have to enroll on-line except for freshmen and returnees.
  3. What do students need to enroll on-line?
    To enroll on-line, students should have an activated My.LaSalle account, and a PC with Internet connection.
  4. Is the on-line enrollment system open 24 hours?
    No, the on-line enrollment system is open only from 8 am to 8 pm, Mondays to Fridays. It is not accessible on Saturdays and Sundays.
  5. When can I enroll? When is the enrollment for freshmen?
    Freshman students are automatically enrolled by block. For upper classmen, refer to item #4.
  6. I am classified as an advanced enrollee. What is the procedure for advanced enrollment?
    Advanced enrollees should also enroll on-line on the date scheduled by the Registrar's Office. You can check the enrollment schedule at the MyLasalle web site.
  7. I am an undergraduate advanced enrollee. How come my name is not in the list?
    You can verify this with the Office of the University Registrar (OUR). Please call (02)524-4611 loc. 115.
  8. I am a returnee, what is my schedule to enroll? What if I am a late enrollee? What if I am a transferee?
    Returnees, late enrollees and transferees can enroll during the adjustment period.
  9. Will the adjustment be on-line also?
    No. You have to go to the office of your respective college.
  10. Who should I call for queries regarding my enrollment?
    You may call the Academic Assistant of your respective college through the trunkline number 524-4611, or go to their office.


    Contact Person

    Local Number

    Building and Room


    Beth Sutilo (Acad. Asst.)


    L 123


    Leila Calderon-Kabigting (Vice Dean)


    L 215


    Divine de Asis (Acad. Asst.)


    G 102


    Ivy Santos (Acad. Asst.)


    Y 601


    Maybelle Barraca (Acad. Asst.)


    M 214


    Eddiemon Panem (Acad. Asst.)




    Lourdes Guidote (Vice Dean)


    WH 204

Courses and Sections

  1. Do I get to choose my schedules and sections?
    When you enroll in a course on-line, you are given a list of schedules and sections available in your college. You can choose one from that list.
  2. I am a student enrolled in an OJT class. Am I included in the on-line enrollment system?
    Yes, you are included in the on-line enrollment system.
  3. I am a transferee. Why is the system asking for the pre-requisite courses which I have already taken up in my former school?
    It is possible that these courses have not been accredited. Please consult with your Academic Assistant.
  4. What does enrollment in “all colleges” mean? When is it accessible?
    Enrollment in "all colleges" means that you can cross-enroll in any college on-line. It is usually made accessible on the second week of enrollment.
  5. Where can I view course schedules in other colleges?
    You can view other colleges' schedules in the View Actual Count link which is under the Utilities menu.
  6. What is a special class? How do I enroll in a "special class”?
    A special class is a class requested or petitioned by graduating students so they can complete their course requirements in their last term. Enrollment in special classes is done through the Academic Assistant.
  7. There is a discrepancy in the number of units in my academic flowchart and in the on-line assessment. What should I do?
    You can go to your Academic Assistant and have this checked. It is possible that the number of units has been changed or it is a typographical error in the system.
  8. What if the courses I need are not offered?
    You can consult your Academic Assistant.
  9. What if I do not know my grades in courses which are prerequisites to those I need to enroll in?
    You should enroll the course(s) you need to take even if you are not yet sure of your grade(s) in the prerequisite course(s). You can always adjust your courses during the adjustment period. You can check the adjustment period posted at your respective colleges or you can view it on-line using your MyLaSalle account.
  10. What will happen if at the end of the term I fail a course that is a pre-requisite to a course I have already enrolled in?
    You have to go to your college's Academic Assistant to drop the course with the failed pre-requisite. Otherwise, the course will be out of sequence. Courses taken out of sequence will NOT be credited. These will also be automatically dropped without refund from your enrollment. However, you are allowed to take other courses to replace the dropped course.

Save and Submit

  1. Can I delete courses I have entered?
    Yes, you can delete courses you have entered as long as you have not yet clicked the “Submit” button. You can still edit courses you have entered even after you click the “Save” button.
  2. How will I know if the enrollment was successful? What will I do next?
    In the Enroll Courses page, after enrolling in all the courses you wish to take up, you should click the “Submit” button. The system then checks if there are conflicts in the schedule of the courses you enrolled in. If there are no conflicts, you should click the “Proceed” button. Your Class Schedule and Assessment are displayed. This signifies that your enrollment was successful. After enrolling, get your EAF from the Academic Assistant.
    You can check the schedule for release of EAFs at your respective colleges.
  3. I have already submitted the courses I wish to enroll in. However, I would like to enlist in a course which I failed to include. Can I still enroll this course during adjustment period?
    Yes, you can enroll for that course during the adjustment period.
  4. Can I still add courses? / How can I encode another course that I did not enlist in?
    Yes, you can still add courses during enrollment, but this will depend on your Academic Assistant if he/she will allow you to. You cannot encode a course that you did not enlist in. You need to approach the Academic Assistant.

Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF) Concerns

  1. Am I supposed to print anything after enrollment?
    You don’t need to print anything after enrollment. The Enrollment Assessment Forms (EAFs) will be distributed at the office of the Academic Assistant on scheduled dates. You can check the schedule for release of EAFs of your respective colleges.
  2. What if I need another copy of my EAF, where will I go for printing?
    You can request for another copy of the EAF for a fee. You should go to the OUR to request a copy and pay at the Accounting Office.


  1. How do I pay after enrolling? How will I be issued an official receipt?
    After enrolling, you should claim your EAF at the office of your college's Academic Assistant on the scheduled date. Present your EAF at the Accounting Office and pay the tuition fees. The Accounting Office will issue an official receipt.
  2. Up to when can I pay my tuition fees?
    You may pay your tuition fees as soon as you have your EAF on hand.

    Schedule of payments:

    For payment without surcharge

    - before the term starts

    Payments with surcharge

    - before the end of week 3 within the term

    2nd payment for those on installment basis

    - before the end of week 5

  3. How else can I pay my tuition without lining up at the Accounting Office?
    You can pay with your UCPB accounts – over the counter ( http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/offices/accounting/payments/ucpb_otccf.asp) or with an ATM ( http://www.dlsu.edu.ph/offices/accounting/payments/ucpb_atm.asp).
  4. What will happen if I do not pay my fees on time?
    Surcharge will be applicable if you have not yet paid after the first day of classes. If you have not paid by the end of Week 2 of the term, you will be automatically dropped from the class list, as stated in the Student Handbook.

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