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Frequently Asked Questions

Today is Thursday, February 22, 2018  

These are answers to the most common questions regarding GreenPurse transactions. For other queries, please contact the ITC Help Desk.

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  1. What is the GreenPurse?
    The GreenPurse is an electronic cashless payment option used within the De La Salle University campus. Currently, this mode of payment can be used for transactions with the following:
    • Office of the University Registrar (OUR);
    • University Library;
    • Information Technology Services (ITS) Office — Computer Laboratories; and the
    • Finance and Accounting Office

      Future applications of the GreenPurse shall include payment for parking at the Andrew Gonzalez Hall and Enrique Razon Sports Complex parking facilities, purchases at the bookstore and canteens, as well as photocopy services.
  2. Who can avail of the GreenPurse?
    De La Salle University undergraduate & graduate students with valid student ID cards may avail of the GreenPurse.
  3. Is there a card that will be issued to me so that I can avail of this service?
    Your student ID card will serve as your GreenPurse account card.
  4. What are the requirements so that I can activate my GreenPurse account?
    You should have an active MLS account. Then your GreenPurse account should have a credit load.

    For undergraduate students with ID 110, an initial credit of Php1000.00 has been loaded in their GreenPurse account.

    Other undergraduate and graduate students should pay a minimum deposit of Php100.00 at Window B1 of the Finance and Accounting Office to be credited to their GreenPurse account.
  5. What are the procedures for loading and activating my GreenPurse account?
    The following are the steps for loading and activating your GreenPurse account:
    • Activate your MLS account.
    • Pay the initial load of at least PhP100.00 at Window B1 of the Finance and Accounting Office.
    • Present the official receipt to Window B2/ Window C to load the amount in your GreenPurse account.
    • Log-on to your MLS account to encode your Personal Identification Number (PIN). The default PIN is 123456.
  6. What is my Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
    The default PIN is 123456. After your first deposit, access your MLS account as soon as possible to change your PIN from the default setting to one of your choice.
  7. What if I forget my PIN?
    You can access your MLS account to change your PIN.
  8. Is there a maintaining balance? Can I reload any amount?
    There is NO maintaining balance required.  You can reload in Php100.00 increments only.
  9. How can I verify the amount I have used up as well as my remaining credit balance?
    A system-generated email will be sent to your MLS email account after every GreenPurse transaction made.  You can also view your transactions on your MLS account.
  10. Can I withdraw my remaining balance?
    The remaining balance may be withdrawn only when a student is about to leave De La Salle University on a permanent basis, i.e. for graduation, dismissal or transfer to another institution.  The student can claim the balance after submitting an accomplished Withdrawal Form to the Student Services Section of the Finance and Accounting Office.  Blank Withdrawal Forms may be secured from the same Office.

    Alternatively, the remaining balance may be donated to the One La Salle Scholarship Fund.  Graduating students may do this electronically through their MLS account.  Non-graduating students leaving the University may also do this through the Withdrawal Form available from the Finance and Accounting Office.  The names of all donors shall be registered with the University.
  11. When will my GreenPurse account expire? What will happen if I have a remaining balance upon its expiration?
    Your GreenPurse account will expire upon the expiration of your student ID after you have permanently left the University, i.e. as a result of graduation, dismissal or transfer to another institution.  The balances from expired GreenPurse accounts will be donated to the One La Salle Scholarship Fund in the name of the account holder.
  12. Is there a service charge or extra cost when I use the GreenPurse?
    There is NO extra charge whenever you make use of the GreenPurse.
  13. What will happen if my GreenPurse account balance is smaller than the purchase amount?
    For non-graduating students, the transaction will not be allowed. Students using the GreenPurse to pay for graduation fees will be asked to pay the remaining balance at the Finance and Accounting Office.
  14. What will happen if my ID card gets lost or stolen? Will its remaining balance be forfeited?
    When your ID card gets lost or stolen, report it at once to the OUR Front Desk to secure a replacement.  The remaining balance of a GreenPurse account will be put on hold until the replacement ID card is secured by the account holder.  Once a replacement ID card has been issued, the remaining balance will be carried over to the new card.
  15. What should I do if I have concerns regarding my GreenPurse account?
    You may call the ITC Help Desk at 5244611 extension numbers 316, 466 or email Helpdesk@dlsu.edu.ph.

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