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Guidelines And Procedures

Today is Sunday, January 21, 2018  

Information and Procedures

De La Salle University is pleased to announce the availability of the GreenPurse, an electronic cashless payment option used within the De La Salle University campus.

Students can start enjoying the enhanced benefits of paying without using cash for selected transactions on campus with the electronic power of their ID cards.

The transactions that are currently supported by the GreenPurse are:

  1. Office of the University Registrar (OUR)
    1. Request for documents
    2. Late adjustment fee
    3. Shifting fee
  2. University Library
    1. Penalty for overdue materials
    2. Payment for lost/damaged materials
  3. Information Technology Center (ITC) Computer Laboratories
    1. Printing services
  4. Finance and Accounting Office
    1. Official receipt reprinting
    2. GreenPurse Loading/Reloading

Future applications of the GreenPurse shall include:

  1. Parking fees at the Andrew Gonzalez Hall and Enrique Razon Sports Complex parking facilities
  2. Purchases at the Bookstore
  3. Purchases at the canteens
  4. Photocopying services

Initial Load/Deposit

An initial deposit of Php100.00 is needed to activate the GreenPurse.  For undergraduate students with ID 110, an initial credit of Php1,000.00 has been loaded in their GreenPurse account.

Loading and Activation Procedures

The following are the steps for loading and activating one’s GreenPurse account:

  1. Activate the MLS account.
  2. Pay the initial load of at least PhP100.00 at Window B1 of the Finance and Accounting Office.
  3. Present the official receipt to Window B2/ Window C to load the amount in the GreenPurse account.
  4. Log-on to the MLS account to encode a Personal Identification Number (PIN). The default PIN is 123456.


The following are the steps for using the GreenPurse:

  1. Go to the designated transaction terminal of the office/outlet where GreenPurse transactions are accepted.
  2. When prompted by the staff, key in the PIN to validate the transaction. As soon as the system validates and gives the approval for the said transaction, the amount will automatically be subtracted from the student’s GreenPurse credits.
  3. Transaction details and the remaining balance may be viewed via the MLS. 
  4. For forgotten PIN codes, log-on to the MLS and encode a new PIN.
  5. For discrepancies or other related concerns, call the ITC Help Desk at 5244611 extension numbers 316, 466 or email Helpdesk@dlsu.edu.ph.

GreenPurse FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions on GreenPurse Services. Click here >>

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