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Help yourselves in getting the most out of searching My.LaSalle web site! It is useful to know some search tips that could help you get the best possible search results and ultimately help you find what you are looking for.

Here are common search syntax which can dramatically improve your search results:

  • Check spelling - Make sure your search terms are spelled correctly. The search engine will attempt to find words that sound similar to your search terms, but it is always best to spell the search terms correctly.
  • Use multiple words - Use multiple words when performing your search. More words for a search will return more refined results than a search from a single word.
  • Use similar words - The more similar words you use in a search, the more relevant results will be to the item that you are searching.
  • Use appropriate capitalization - Use capitalization only when looking for proper nouns such as the name of a person or place. Lowercase words match any similar words of any case.
  • Use quotation marks around phrases - Use quotation marks to find words that must appear adjacent to each other within a phrase. For example, search for "account activation " within quotes rather than just account activation .
  • Use Boolean plus (+) or minus (-) operators - Precede a search term or phrase with a plus (+) sign to indicate it must appear in a search result. Precede a search term with a minus (-) sign to indicate an undesirable search term or phrase that must not appear in a search result. For example, searching for +enrollment -online will return results that are about enrollment, but not about online.
  • Use field searches - Field searches allow you to search for words that appear in a specific part of a document such as the body text (body:), title text (title:), alt text (alt:), meta description (desc:), meta keywords (keys:) or URL (url:). The field name should include the colon and precede the search word or phrase with no spaces between them. For example, searching for title: presidents will find pages with presidents in the title of the page.


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